Dr. Robert Dillon has served as an educator and leader for the past twenty years. Through this work, he has excelled in change leadership, supporting organization with new ideas and energy, and providing solutions to meet specific organizational needs. Dr. Dillon draws upon his experience, national network, and research based practices to support innovation that impacts learning. Dr. Dillon truly embeds himself in the work of an organization, supporting, coaching, and getting in the weeds where it is needed.

I’m always expanding my partnerships and consulting clients. If you are interested in having me join you for one day or a long-term partnership please reach out to me at: about availability and rates. Below is a list of some of my current workshops, presentations, and keynotes. 

  • Rethinking Pre-K Spaces
  • Designing the Modern Library
  • Experiential Learning Design
  • Designing Brain Friendly Learning Spaces
  • The Learning Space STEM Connection
  • Accelerating the 4Cs Through Space Design
  • Bringing Pedagogy, Technology, and Learning Spaces into Sync
  • Envisioning New Learning Spaces
  • District Systems Optimization
  • Powerful Parent Partnerships
  • Implementing 1:1 Learning
  • Bringing Personalized Learning to Life
  • Leading Connected Classrooms
  • Making Systemic Change
  • Curriculum Redesign Using Open Education Resources