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Dr. Robert Dillon has served as a designer, educator and leader for over thirty years. His work focuses on solutions and supporting change in organizations to maximize learning. Dr. Dillon works with schools and districts in collaborative partnership to shift thinking and break the inertia of traditional school.

The core purpose of the work continues to flow through an empathy lens that considers what the optimal design would be for students. Dr. Dillon has been involved with design projects around the globe that have included solutions for higher education pre-k classrooms; public libraries; urban, rural, suburban schools, and a number of charter and independent schools.

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Consulting Services

designer- in- residence

Schools and districts work with us over the course of the year to review spaces, provide teacher support, guide changes and support making learning spaces a priority.

Customized professional learning

We work with schools to create powerful learning experiences for teachers and leaders around best practices in learning space design. These include virtual and in-person learning.

design consultant

By working with architects, interior designers and school officials, we keep the focus on learning and help communities make the best decisions possible on new spaces.

Design Philosophy

Dr. Dillon has five areas of focus in his work with intentional design. These areas are central to the solutions created and processes used for success.

  • Syncing systems is essential to success.
  • Sustainable solutions are possible with the right commitment and process.
  • Solutions designed in the forest rarely are heard or implemented.
  • Translating research to practice is key to success.
  • Learning environments deeply impact all other aspects of learning.

Levers of Change

Through his partnerships with learning organizations, Dr. Dillon focuses on these levers of change.

  • Helping teachers see the power of modern learning environments
  • Supporting leaders in a comprehensive design process.
  • Making sure that instruction, technology integration, and learning environments support each other.
  • Finding low cost/no cost solutions that can support purchases
  • Staying practical and realistic based on the current systems dynamics of an organization.


Are you looking for ideas to reshape your classroom design to support student learning and wellness? This book has ideas on where to begin and solutions on designing meaningful spaces.

Every space in a school can support learning when it is well designed and syncs to the instructional mission. Use this book to build common language and understanding through your school.

There are educators that have made the changes that you are seeking. This book tells their stories, and it looks at how all spaces can be optimized through both addition and subtraction.



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I’m always expanding my partnerships and consulting clients. If you are interested in having me join you for one day or a long-term partnership please reach out to me about availability and rates. Below is a list of some of my current workshops, presentations, and keynotes.

  • Rethinking Pre-K Spaces
  • Designing the Modern Library
  • Experiential Learning Design
  • Designing Brain Friendly Learning Spaces
  • The Learning Space STEM Connection
  • Accelerating the 4Cs Through Space Design
  • Syncing Instruction and Space Design
  • Envisioning New Learning Spaces
  • District Systems Optimization
  • Powerful Parent Partnerships
  • Implementing 1:1 Learning
  • Bringing Personalized Learning to Life
  • Leading Connected Classrooms
  • Making Systemic Change

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